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The Philadelphia YMF has three basic objectives: (1) provide networking opportunities, (2) interact with schools and the general public to promote civil engineering, and (3) enhance career development. We have lots of events going on to meet these objectives, and we encourage all ASCE members to participate.

Our Job Listings page features useful links to job search tools, as well as a list of our awesome Sponsors! Our Events page features listings for all our upcoming events, as well as our calendar. Our Photos page has links to pictures from all our past events. Our Outreach page has information on all of our various outreach efforts to K-12 schools, colleges, and the public. And, of course, please Contact us for more information!

The Executive Committee

Kevin Brown, EIT


A graduate of Widener University ('09, BS in Civil Engineering; '14, MS in Civil Engineering), Kevin works as a construction manager for Urban Engineers in their construction services department.

Nha Truong

Vice President

A graduate of Villanova University ('10, BS in Civil Engineering; '12, MS in Civil Engineering), Nha works for the Philadelphia Water Department as an environmental engineer for the Flood Risk Management Program.

Meredith Lis, EIT


A graduate of MIT ('12, BS in Civil Engineering), Meredith works for DVRPC coordinating between design consultants and PennDOT for various trail projects receiving federal funding.

Eammon Farley, EIT


A graduate of Drexel University ('08, BS in Civil Engineering), Eammon works as a traffic planner/designer for McCormick Taylor in their Philadelphia traffic group.


President's Message

Message to the ASCE Philadelphia YMF Membership

  • Kevin Brown, EIT
  • June 20, 2016

ASCE Philadelphia YMF Members,

I’ve recently been reflecting back to the year of 2012 which happened to be a year where things for me changed for the better. In 2012 I participated in my first ASCE YMF event as a young professional which ultimately led to me being appointed to the Board for the 2012-2013 term. As someone who was introverted and shy, taking a position on a board of any kind wasn’t of interest to me, but I just happened to be around people who were like-minded, passionate about civil engineering, had similar undergraduate experiences, and were genuinely nice and welcoming and that was what opened my mind to the idea of joining the YMF Board. I realized that it isn’t just the opportunities to network or acquire PDHs that bring young engineers out to YMF events, it’s also the personal connections and relationships they form. With that, I pledge to make new connections throughout the year, as well as encourage the Board to do the same.

As civil engineers, we need to think about the future of our industry and the next generation of engineers who will need to develop innovative ways to update and maintain our transportation system, progress sustainable designs, and improve our subsurface infrastructure. One effective way to ensure that our industry acquires talented young engineers is through outreach. Growing up in the City of Philadelphia and going through the public school system, I know first-hand that opportunities to learn about technical careers are not always readily available in school and so I believe each of us, as civil engineers, owes it to the youth as well as our industry to donate at least a couple of hours per year to student outreach. In doing so, we can help spark an interest in students who know very little about civil engineering or help guide students who want to be engineers but don’t know where to start. Through the diligence of the YMF’s K-12 Outreach Chairs, Civil Engineering Club Chairs, and volunteers, we have greatly expanded our K-12 outreach efforts and maintained a successful Civil Engineering Club; however, these initiatives rely on volunteer support and so I respectfully ask that when you’re presented with the opportunity to be a volunteer, you think about what a couple of hours a year could do for the future of civil engineering and commit to at least one outreach event.

Thinking back to when I was an undergraduate civil engineering student at Widener University, I know I didn’t take full advantage of the YMF and so throughout my time on the board I have focused a lot of my efforts on the college students and helping them realize the benefits of ASCE and the Philly YMF prior to graduation. My goal has been to educate students on how participating in ASCE on the collegiate level AND locally through the YMF can lead to a more enriching college experience and, for a large number of students, a somewhat seamless transition into the workforce. With ASCE National making strides to ensure student members transition into professional members, I am committed to continue to work with the students alongside the College Contact Chairs so that transition continues to happen.

I am very pleased with the leaders that the 2016-2017 board is comprised of and I’m looking forward to serving the membership with them. I also look forward to seeing you out at our events and meeting some of our new members. Please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or any member of the board with any questions or suggestions you may have or simply email us through the YMF website.

This organization would not be successful without the support and participation of its members and for that I am truly grateful for each and every one of you. Additionally, I’d like to express my gratitude to our past president, Chris Renfro, for your leadership through what seemed to be a year of many changes and upgrades; our mentors, Kazi Hassan, Chris Gray, and Drew Sirianni, who have continued to make themselves available to us; and the Philadelphia Section and ASCE National for their support.

Kevin Brown, EIT

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YMF members explain how ASCE benefits them

  • Katrina Lawrence
  • December 8, 2016

The ASCE YMF has been a vital part of plugging me into Philadelphia’s pulse. I moved to Philly about two years ago from Atlanta, GA, an uprooting that required me to rebuild my professional (and social) network. My co-workers suggested attending various professional events. The ASCE YMF events are always welcoming, cover interesting topics, and provide opportunities to get involved. Since then I have joined the Board and was appointed as one of the K-12 Outreach Co-Chairs. This position has been very rewarding because I get to see the passion from my fellow Co-Chair, the eagerness of professionals to volunteer their time, and the genuine interest students exhibit as a result of our classroom presentations. I requested this position for a second year given the importance of exposing young students to the field of civil engineering, women in engineering, and STEM topics in general. The ASCE YMF has provided an opportunity for me to get involved, dream big, and develop many of the connections to make it happen!

Katrina Lawrence
Project Manager

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