March 21, 2014
North Penn Valley Boys and Girls Club Presentation

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On March 21, 2014 ASCE YMF board member, Brett Coleman, E.I.T. and past ASCE YMF board member, Kolleen Backlund, P.E., gave a presentation on reinforced soils to 5th grade students at the North Penn Valley Boys and Girls Club. The slide show presentation was approximately 10 minutes and discussed the different types of civil engineering, how to become a civil engineer and why reinforced soil is used in the industry. The demonstration following the presentation involved 15 children, separated into four groups, 2 of which built un-reinforced soil blocks and 2 of which built reinforced soil blocks. The blocks were constructed using removable wood forms and the reinforced soil blocks utilized paper reinforcement which was placed between the couple inch sand layers. The children then tested them to see that they could stand on the soil blocks with reinforcement. The unreinforced soil blocks were not able to retain any weight and quickly failed, while they were able to stand on top of the reinforced soil block.

Below are a few pictures from the event:



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