December 5, 2013
Villanova Panel Discussion

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On December 5, 2013 the YMF visited Villanova University with a panel of civil engineers to talk to their civil engineering student body. The panel consisted of Dr. Theresa Andrejack Loux and ASCE YMF board members Niki Eno, P.E., Scott Cepietz, E.I.T. and Nha Truong representing geotechnical, structural and transportation engineering and water resources respectfully. YMF board member Dr. Andrew Bechtel facilitated the questions that came from a group of about 27 students.

The students asked the panel about what they do at work, why they chose the field of civil engineering and what advice they have for students in the field of civil engineering. Theresa and the board members stayed after to hand out business cards and answer additional questions.

Below are a few pictures from the event:


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