May 8, 2013
School Outreach - General George A. McCall
Elementary School STEM Night

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Kolleen Backlund, Jesse Gormley, and Amanda Kessler participated in the annual STEM Night at McCall Elementary School in Center City Philadelphia. The evening was comprised of presentations followed by demonstrations of science experiments set up by 7th graders. The first presentation was given by Kolleen Backlund, YMF Outreach Coordinator. Kolleen spoke to a group of approximately 50 students about "what is civil engineering". At the end of her presentation, two volunteers were asked to come up to the stage for a demonstration. One student stood on a block of sand and the other student stood on a block of sand reinforced with fabric. The demonstration showed how reinforcing material enhances soil stability.

Following the presentations, students and their parents walked around to each of the demonstrations. The YMF set up a table with a structure building activity, in which students were able to construct their own bridges and buildings using toothpicks and gumdrops. Also on display at the YMF table was a foundations demonstration which used Styrofoam and gelatin to show how pile foundations can prevent buildings from collapsing during an earthquake. Some of the students really enjoyed putting their gumdrop buildings into the earthquake display to show the strength of their buildings.

Below are a few pictures from the event:



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